Friday, June 6, 2008

Picking up the needles....

Boston Love!

Finally, we are moved! It was a 1500 mile drive and took 2.5 days. We drove through the Smokey Mountains, the Shanandoah Valley and the edge of the Poconos. It was a beautiful drive, but I'm glad it's done :)

We are now getting settled in our new apartment in the suburbs of Boston. I think after today we'll be settled in enough that I can pick up the needles and start knitting again, YAY! We have about a week to explore and learn our way around before I start work, so hopefully I'll also get some knitting in.

Goal 1: Finish the baby booties, SO CUTE! I may also make little mittens and/or a hat to match :)

Goal 2: My first sweater! I cast on the Cavern Cardi from Cosmicpluto. This will be my first real attempt at a sweater, YAY!!