Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh my!

I have been a BAD blogger!! I am getting settled in quite nicely in Boston and now I'm getting used to my new work schedule. I have a train commute every morning and evening, which can make for a long day when the subways are backed up. But on a bright note, the trains provide me with excellent reading time, so I am burning through books!!

I have been keeping up with some knitting. First, the booty update. I finished the 2nd bootie. I held it next to the first one and realized (1) I made a mistake halfway through, opps!! (2) on the first one I interpreted the pattern differently and did the YO's with a knit stitch in between them. So, they didn't match :( SO, RIP RIP RIP it went and now it's a big pile of yarn. I did cast on again, but was a little disgruntled, so I put this project aside for a little while.
But, the cavern cardi is looking GREAT! Here are some pics of my progress!!
I just finished the main body piece of the sweater, YAY! I'm SO excited because it looks like my gauge is OK and it's going to fit, YIPPEE! Here is a closeup of the stitches. The yarn is JoJoLand 100% wool in Red-Plum:
So, tonight, while watching Harry Potter on the family channel, I'm knitting-in-the-round with DPNs for the first time. Ouch!! Quite tricky, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm 4 rounds in and it looks to be working.
Hopefully next time I check in you can see a sleeve. If you're lucky, maybe you'll see two sleeves. Or a baby booty. Until then, happy knitting ladies!


Stephanie said...

wow kellie you are fabulous!!