Saturday, March 7, 2009

Books 12 & 13: The Hollow & The Pagan Stone

So, I blazed through these books and I'm posting about them together. I love Nora Robert's trilogies and this one was good. It was a little different than most of hers I've read in that one book led straight into another time-wise, so it really could have all been one book to me. It was quite a bit predictable plotwise, but the details were fun to read and I was just as engrossed as usual. I got through these extra fast due to my Jeep acting wacky yesterday, making me late for work after 2 hours at the mechanic's shop.
Boring auto shop waiting room + 7:15am +coffee (to make the brain work)=quality reading
In other news, I have been crafty. No really, I haven't just read this week. I even have pictures. But, they're on my camera. I have to get out my laptop to download the pics, so I just haven't yet. Lazy, I know. But tomorrow is Sunday, so there should be ample time for a nice big update. I would have done it today, but I had a great day out and about with my hubby in celebration of the temps reaching 60, OH YEA! We went to the bank, to the craft store so I could get yarn for an upcoming project, to the book store where we went a little nuts, and then we took an afternoon scenic drive and ate out for lunch. Great way to spend an afternoon.


Abby said...

That sounds like a pleasant day! =) The BF and I exercised together followed by a stop at the hot tub and some sammiches for lunch.

We got up to 70 today! It was awesome. hehe.

Also congrats on winning the Phat Fiber contest! =D I actually bought 700 yds of cashmere/silk laceweight from Jag's (hey, it was only $20 including shipping!).

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Hey!!! My Jeep spent the day in the shop yesterday too. Freaky.