Thursday, January 31, 2008

Off and running....

So, I decided to start this new blog to chronicle my knitting adventures. I first picked up knitting a few years ago after reading an article in Martha Stewart Living with very basic (i.e. good/understandable to the non-knitting community) on knitting and a couple of patterns. Well, I tried a hat and, like many before and after me, I didn't know about gauge and made a ginormo hat that was totally useless, opps! But I was OK with straight lines, so I made an equally ginormo blanket for my grandmother, which she loved! I played with a couple of scarves and then stuck my needles firmly in the 'craft corner' (that would be the far dark corner/black hole of my closet where things get stuck for indefinite periods of time).

Well, last weekend, after a few cold miserable days I came across this little puppy ( and got inspired once more! I dug out the needles, figured out gauge, knitted furiously for a few hours, and VOILA!! I have created a cute normal sized hat!! Oh, the exhiliration!! I sported it all weekend while running errands and giddily showed off my creation (and warm ears) to my very impressed husband.

Since then, I am totally hooked! I have knitted every night for a few hours and have discovered the relaxing benefits to clearing your mind and letting your fingers just go. I'm armed and dangerous, with the famous 'Stich N Bitch' manual to knitting like the super cool & crafty goddess I long to be, and have graduated to circular needles and (gasp!) STRIPES!! I am now working on the infamous Harry Potter Gryfindor colored scarf. I know it will take me a really long time to finish because I'm still pretty slow, but I am loving the results so far.