Sunday, November 9, 2008

My name is Kellie.....

and I'm a YARNOHOLIC!!!!

It's official. I decided to spent a significant part of my Sunday organizing the 'craft area' of my closet. Oh my gosh....I didn't realize how much yarn I had collected since I started knitting!!! There's the leftovers from finished projects, the stash of yarn for the inevitable baby gifts, the bought specifically for a project that I haven't started yet yarn, and the what can I make with this it's the coolest ever yarn group!
What prompted all this? I ran to the craft store to buy thread to sew a button. It sounds so harmless!! But I can't go to the store and NOT go to the knitting section. So there I was, perusing the usual suspects, when BAM!! Glaring at me & calling my name was a sign for a sale. Only $1.49 a ball for 100% squishy wool in the coolest happiest colors ever!! I had to get some!! (I bought nearly all they had out, 8's usually $5.99 each!)
So, I organized the closet. I pulled everything out, sorted, packed, know, cleaned it the 'right way.' Here's my handiwork. Don't judge me by my yarn gluttony. I am officially now on a yarn "diet" until I clear out some of this stash!!


Carrie said...

Wow! I can't show Shawn your closet...he'll make me quit crocheting now, before I've really gotten started!
(And P.S. - Michael's has a bunch of their yarn up to 70% off this week!)

Stephanie said...

you izz craaazy, lol.

you've been tagged :) see my blog from 11/9 and tell us 7 random things aboutcha!

Liz said...

Wow! you have lots of yarn...
if we have time while you're home you need to show me a basic stitch so I can try a new hobby.
I like the warm cap and the new haircut.
Love, Mom

PinkAdele said...

Lol I'm soo with you there KellieBelle! You think "knitting will save me money" but then you realise.... you're basically a smoker and spending every spare penny on that oh-so-lovely-its-in-the-sale-so-doesn't-count yarn!! I must get my yarn FIX! I'm also on the yarn diet! lol we should see how long we can go!