Friday, May 8, 2009

Book 20: Divided in Death

I got hooked on the "In Death" series several years ago and read about the first 15 books in order. After that I kinda dropped off it for a while, but reading Remember When last week reminded why I love this series. The main character is homocide cop/detective Eve Dallas. She kicks serious booty. She is married to super-hottie complete with Irish accent, Roarke. They have an interesting relationship, which often adds to the plot line. All of these books are set in the future in New York City, which is also a fun see how JD Robb (Nora Roberts) portrays the future.
Definitely a good read, and I plan to read a few more recent ones in this series!


Abby said...

What is the purpose of Nora Roberts writing under a pseudonym that doesn't actually preserve her anonymity, I wonder?

KellieBelle said...

I think it's more for the readers to differentiate that series? Not really necessary, but I think she's trying to make that her 'racier' can tell from her picture on the back....she's wearing black leather and red lipstick!