Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May Goals-RESULTS!

1-Finish Sonny's blanket. I did work on this but didn't finish.
2-Finish my "wrapped in hugs" shawl. I'm so close to finishing!
3-Organize home improvement receipts and documents. DONE!
4-Bathroom redo. DONE!! Just needs finishing touches and pictures!
5-Make shades & tie-backs for dining room windows. Did not get done!
6-Finish painting touchups and trimwork in hallway. Did not get done!
7-Finish painting touchups and trimwork in kitchen. Did not get done!
8-Start crocheting next baby gift. HA!! Made a whole baby gift set AND started yet another one!

Wow, I finished 3 of 8....not too good. But with the puppy distraction, not terrible either!


Abby said...

I missed your last blog post!! What an adorable puppy!!

3 accomplishments are better than none. =)