Saturday, March 1, 2008

YAY for Saturdays!

Oh my gosh, today has flown by. I had a LONG week at work and did some shopping today, a little cleaning, cooked dinner, and POOF! the day is gone!! Oh well that's what Saturdays are for!

I have a big update! I finished my knitting bag!! Well, mostly anyway. I still have to glue down the stiches to the dowels to keep them in place. I love how it came out!!

OK this pic is a little blurry but you get the idea.
So, my next big project is the phiaro scarf. I got my new yarn in that I ordered for it, YAY! I love it.....but not for this project! It really doesn't have the weight/drape that I wanted. So, I picked up some taupe (good neutral color) in an all cotton yarn that is nice, no fluffiness. I played with it last night and learned the long-tail cast-on (which I LOVE! Never going back to the knitted cast-on!!). Then I made a small swatch and practiced the 'dropped' stitches.
Dropped stitches: the top row (BO row) is a bit wonky. I did a knitwise BO, may need to try purlwise for this.
But, I'm convinced now that I can do this and this yarn will work, so I've cast-on already!!
That's all! Time for a coffee :)


Delly said...

Cool you bag looks great hunny. well done on doing the swatch... I'm not so good at doing then as I seem to never get the specs. Ah well. Love the colour of the yarn. What make is it? xxxxx

KnittyKat said...

The bag looks great, I like the brooch on it, I might get some kind of embellishment for mine too.

The pattern was Mel from the Rowan book Classic AM to PM but I actually only used the basic shaping and did my own pattern because I didn't like the original one once I'd started it. It was a nice easy pattern to follow and took less than 6 balls in the end so much cheaper than I expected.

You are good for swatching...I am far too lazy!