Thursday, February 21, 2008

OK, so I've been a bit busy with work, so I haven't posted lately. But, I will report on progress:

HP scarf - rocking along!! It's starting to get to a healthy length, although I still have WAY farther to go. What's driving me nuts is that my yarn is problematic. I was very careful to buy balls from the same dye lot, but the texture of the yarn itself varies. I have one ball that was way bulkier than the rest! So, the width of the scarf varies a bit, hopefully blocking will help this!! As for the stripe weirdness (see last post), my friend Adele pointed out that I'm knitting in the round and because of the 'spiral' knit that's why the stripes don't line up quite perfectly. This makes total sense and was my thought as well, but for some stripes it's worse than for others?? Maybe my technique is just not very consistent?? I don't know, not worrying too much about it.

berry stitch knitting bag - about 75% complete! I have one side done, both handles done and the last side about half-way done! YIPPEE!!

So, I've thought about my upcoming projects once the bag is done. I have a few hats I need to make for some friends, but then it will be on to the Phiaro Scarf!! I can't wait to try this one, I LOVE how it looks. I bought this yarn to use for it, it's a silk/rayon blend:

YAY, can't wait to knit with this yarn!!

I know I won't make much progress this weekend because I'll be out of town, but there is always next week!!
In the meantime, I just got the CD of my wedding pictures! Enjoy a few of my favs & have a great weekend!!


PinkAdele said...

Oh wow you look so beautiful. That dress is gorgeous! And so is that gorgeous silk mix yarn. yummy! Glad I could help babes (and it was really exiting to be mentioned in a post, hich is a little sad I know but my life is not very exiting at the moment...)I was thinking of making a lacy top with the ribbon yarn that I could wear in the summer. I might just be fooling myself though :-s