Monday, April 7, 2008

My Sew-sew weekend project!

So, this weekend I spent a LOT of time doing laundry, cleaning, etc etc. It is GREAT to have reclaimed control over my apartment!! To celebrate, I decided to tackle a project that had been on my mind for a few weeks.
A while back I bought a set of 13 bamboo knitting of various sizes on Ebay (YAY Ebay for great deals!). They each came in a plastic case that is, at best, annoying to deal with, so I wanted a case they could all fit in. I ran to my favortie local craft store and was not very impressed with my options. So, here I am getting creative!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a 'seamstress' or 'sewer' in any sense of the words. I have never taken a home ec class or been taught by Mom or anyone else. I do however own a sewing machine and have read the book that came with it. This is how I learn things (did I ever mention this is how I'm learning to knit?), God help us all!

So, this is by no means professional, but boy is it ever functional! Since I didn't want to deal with finishing off the edges (I find sewing in a straight line to be sometimes difficult....see above disclaimer RE: lack of sewing abilities) I started with 2 reversible placemats I got for $2 each at Target. One served as the back and the other as the front panels for pockets and a flap to cover the top. I just cut that one and used a double-fold bias tape (in red because that's what I had on hand, but I love the chocolate and red contrast!!) to finish the cut edges. Here's how it turned out:

Flap open and needles all snuggly in their places!

Flap closed....

I found that folding works better than rolling...

I attached a ribbon to the back with a button to use for tying 'er up!

I'm very happy with how this turned out!! Now I can knit with the peace of mind that my needles are safe!! :)


Heather said...

Cute idea. I can't cut in a straight line so I know how you feel.

PinkAdele said...

Hey KellieBelle, stranger here. that case looks great, I don't know how you make it look so professional. Aren't you just in love with bambo needles? Adele xxx

Ualla said...

Ok--that's wicked cute!

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