Tuesday, May 6, 2008

7 Random things!!

I have been tagged by a fellow blogger and have to post 7 random things about myself. Here goes:

1-I'm a bad blogger :( I haven't posted in a LONG time because I have been so insanely busy!!

2-I have a 'dolphin-fly' tattoo. I couldn't decide between a dolphin and a butterfly so I have a dolphin with a cool filagree design in the shape of butterfly wings around it. No one has every seen anything like it, LOL! Funniest part, it was a Christmas present from my parents and my Dad brought me to get it. Talk about father-daughter bonding.

3-OK, this is kinda gross. I have bumps on my head. They think they are calcium deposits, but can't be sure without biopsies. My hair mostly covers them so it's not a big deal, never got them removed. But I do have to get a CT scan done every year to make sure they are not changing or anything. When I first met my current neurosurgeon, he saw the MRI and said, "WOW, that's an impressive deformity!" Um, thanks...............

4-I used to seriously kick booty at karate. I studied Shotokan and would LOVE to do it again. Absolutely the best work-out/stress relief ever!!!

5-I work with a guy who doesn't wear deodorant and smells. Again, gross, but I have to deal with it everyday and he just walked by, so there you have it.

6-I have a Ph.D. in molecular genetics. Yep, that makes me "Dr. Kelliebelle." I'm in the lab and should be working, but I'm waiting for the agarose for my DNA gels to cool down, so I have a few minutes. Then I have to go get on the microscope and shot yeast cells with laser beams, YES!! This is how I check my email during the day, between experiments.

7-I am a sentimental packrat. I just threw out the letters from my penpals when I was 8. I think it's sad that with the internet, kids don't have penpals anymore and don't get the thrill of receiving international mail. I'm a nerd, I thought it was the BEST!

OK, there you have it!! Random stuff about me! Now back to work. A knitting update will follow soon....


PinkAdele said...

Hey Dr Kellie Belle, great to have you back! Soooo cool that you're a scientist! You enjoying any sunshine? xxxxx