Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh happy day, Twilight!

Saturday was a great day for several reasons!! First I got to spend a day with the girls. I headed over to my friend Mel's house for a 'nestie' get-together. These are wonderful ladies I met on the December 2007 board on the knot while I was planning my wedding. After I moved to Boston for my new job, we were able to all meet and have been having fun since then. There we are today at our November get-together!

We are teaching Marilyn how to crochet, so look for some crochet scarves in the coming months!

After the get-together Mel and I had lunch and then went to see the Twilight movie!!

I LOVE the Twilight series of books and couldn't wait for the movie. I was not happy with the casting, but wanted to see it anyway and WOW, the actors did their homework. They may not have looked like I pictured the characters, but the personalities were definitely right. I know there are a lot of critics out there that are hating on the movie for various reasons. All I can say is, I didn't expect to like it, I am very pleased and I think I will definitely own and love this movie, although not for the same reasons as the book. That being said, there really was not a lot of time for character development, so for non-readers a lot of the little things may not have made as much sense.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My first potholders!

So, I've heard from a lot of people that once you try hand-knitted/crocheted potholders and dishcloths, you'll never go back to the storebought ones. Only one way to find out, right?

So here they are, made in 100% cotton yarn so they are super washer friendly and can handle the heat! First is a doubled over square potholder.


Second is what I have dubbed, "Mr. Turtle" His tail makes the loop so you can hang him. I think his feet are a little tiny, but hey, my feet are a little big, so who am I to complain. I think he's a cutie! I'm tempted to sew on googly eyes!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My name is Kellie.....

and I'm a YARNOHOLIC!!!!

It's official. I decided to spent a significant part of my Sunday organizing the 'craft area' of my closet. Oh my gosh....I didn't realize how much yarn I had collected since I started knitting!!! There's the leftovers from finished projects, the stash of yarn for the inevitable baby gifts, the bought specifically for a project that I haven't started yet yarn, and the what can I make with this it's the coolest ever yarn group!
What prompted all this? I ran to the craft store to buy thread to sew a button. It sounds so harmless!! But I can't go to the store and NOT go to the knitting section. So there I was, perusing the usual suspects, when BAM!! Glaring at me & calling my name was a sign for a sale. Only $1.49 a ball for 100% squishy wool in the coolest happiest colors ever!! I had to get some!! (I bought nearly all they had out, 8's usually $5.99 each!)
So, I organized the closet. I pulled everything out, sorted, packed, know, cleaned it the 'right way.' Here's my handiwork. Don't judge me by my yarn gluttony. I am officially now on a yarn "diet" until I clear out some of this stash!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Warm & Woolie Hat!!

It is getting cold pretty quickly in Mass!! So, I had to knit a new warm cap. I especially needed one that would cover my ears because....well, BRR!

So, this is the hat I decided on. It was a SUPER easy cable pattern, 18 seconds to sunrise. I used Moda Dea's Tweedle Dee yarn, which is a 'shaded' yarn. I modified the pattern as follows:

I purled one row on each earflap before the “row 1:knit” I used the Patons wool in complementing colors together (1 strand of each) and did one round of half double crochet with size J hook. Finally I braided the ties instead of i-cord.
I love it!!