Sunday, March 8, 2009

My crafty update, finally!!

OK, I got off my lazy bum and downloaded these pictures!! These are the things I've worked on the last week or so!!

First up is this little bonnet that I made to match the LSU-colored zigzag baby blankie. When I started the blanket we didn't know if the baby would be a boy or a girl, but now we know it will be a girl. While the blankie is pretty ambiguous, I wanted something girlie! So I took a bit of the leftover yarn and set out to make the bonnet. I added a shell edge and flower to make it extra girlie. VOILA!!!!!

Next I got started on some roving I bought from Giffordables online. I discovered this group from the Phat Fiber Ravelry group. I've toyed with the idea of spinning but was like, Who has the time?! That excuse got old really fast when I saw all the pretty fibers and that little nagging voice in my head started chanting, WANT! WANT! WANT! WANT! I'm weak. So I ordered this floofy fabulousness:

I even got extra floofy fabulousness in the form of 2 sampler mini-batts, that I spun up right away!! I made a homemade top-whorl drop spindle (not pretty, hence, no picture) but I'm holding out on spinning the mega-batt up there until my custom made spindle come in from Cupcake Factory. Anyway, here is my first attempt:
The yarn is quite schlubby (technical term). It's fat in some places, skinny in others, but I love it. I crocheted the little birdie there from the brooch pattern in the Happy Hooker book. The mauvey feather parts are Patons Soy Wool Stripes scraps from another project; eye is an old-as-dirt pearl button. It is SO CUTE!! I have since felted it a bit because it was a little floppy. I think I have enough yarn left to make another one, YIPPEE!!
And last, but certainly not least, I have been practicing my sewing! Below is what I made last weekend with some purple twill fabric I had left over from another project and a patterned 'fat quarter' I bought a while back for no reason other than it looked cool. (Like I said before, weak). I am SO EXCITED that these came out good! I think I can almost say now that I can sew!!
OK, here they are. On the left is a Kleenex tissue holder (I'm sick of the stupid plastic wrapper things that come on the purse packs getting torn up in my purse). On the right is what was supposed to be a passport wallet. I actually made the seam like 1 or 2 mm bigger than it was supposed to be and the passport didn't quite fit. So I got creative with it (explained below)!! At the moment the buttons are purely visual, I don't have a loop sewed on yet for the closure. I have to buy some pretty ribbon or something for that, don't have any on hand.
Opened: So the would-be passport wallet is now a teabag and sugar packet wallet! I love it!! I have 4 teabags on one side (2 per pocket), 4 artificial sweetner packet on the other side (1 pocket) and a Shout wipe in the last pocket (for those 'graceful' moments).

So that's it, you're all caught up now. On the reading front I've moved on to Kushiel's Chosen (Book 2 of that trilogy). It's another long one so it will probably take a couple of weeks to read. I'm expecting the knitting/crafting and reading to slow down a bit due to the upcoming move into the new house, Woo-Hoo!! We move the first week of April, so the countdown is on!!


PinkAdele said...

Is it me or do you guys move a lot!!! haha or maybe I've just been reading your blog for such a long time. love the tea bag holder, such a good idea! xxxx

KnitWit said...

The fabric is so cute!! =D

Good job, I can hardly sew a straight line...

My8kidsmom said...

Love the wallet! That's such a great idea for the restaurants that only have hot water!