Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, the yarny goodness....

I am supposed to pack for the upcoming move this weekend, clean, pay bills, work on setting up the utility transfers, grocery shop, work on the charity blanket I really need to finish, make the last hat for my coworkers order, etc etc etc. Anyone want to take dibs on what in that list is NOT getting done because of this:

My very own custom-ordered drop spindle:

SOLI sock yarn (this pic is not my actual yarn, but mine looks the same but with a few hints of purple blended in):

SOLI Sock is a luxurious merino/silk blend sock yarn, dyed in unique water-inspired colourways. One skein is 440 yards (402 metres)....more than enough for a pair of socks (even for those of us with "well endowed" feet).50% of the proceeds of SOLI sock sales go to Streams of Life International (SOLI), a non-profit which brings hope to communities in Africa by partnering with community leaders to build wells and sanitation facilities, refurbish local hospitals and provide essential medical equipment, supplies and health education. For more information on SOLI, visit
I got all this fabulousness from The Cupcake Factory (one of the fabulous Phat Fiber vendors!).
Also, taking mercy on my new spinner-ness and in appreciation of my patience while she made my spindle, she also sent me some undyed wool samples and dye tablets to play with. YAY!!!!!!! I know what I'm doing tomorrow! Or, maybe tonight, hmmmm...gotta run!


Heather said...

Please ignore my uneducated mind since I don't knit, but what is a spindle? The picture of it is very pretty but just wondered what it is.

KellieBelle said...

Hey Heather!! A spindle is used to 'spin' fibers into yarn! There is really more to it than I would have guessed so I'm working on learning all that. But basically you take wool fibers and literally spin them together. The spinning cause tension that always neighboring fibers to stay together, which is how you can get a LONG string of yarn, with short wool fibers. Hope that made sense!

Heather said...

That makes sense. That is pretty cool that you can do it yourself. have fun learning