Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book 17: Pandora

Aaahhh, the vampires. I think I have loved vampire books my entire life, for whatever reason. Before Edward and Bella, before Anita Blake and Jean Claude, there was the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles. I read them forever ago and I was happy when the 'new' vampire chronicles were published...what 10-12 years ago now? I was always interested in some of the 'side' characters that made cameos in the Lestat stories, so I bought the Pandora hardback long ago from a discount rack and then it promptly moved into my bookshelf where it waited patiently for about 10 years. Finally, I grabbed it this week and finished it today!!

I've always liked Pandora because she was really the only 'old' and powerful female vampire and she just seemed spunky! I loved reading her history and I was totally riveted and gained a new respect for Marius, who she knew both before and after they became vampires. Really the book was overall quite good, but I wasn't too jazzed about the ending. The demise of Pandora and Marius' relationship is totally random and I hated it. Then, the book just kinda ends. So, the overall story was quite good, but the end was very anti-climactic.