Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally, closet pics!!!

OK, here they are as promised. I misplaced my camera Sunday while we were picking up and just found it today, so the pics are later then expected, but here nonetheless!!
Creepy Cat Closet - BEFORE:
This 'before' picture is actually 'after' we cleaned this under the stairs storage closet as best we could (vacuumed, disinfecting wipes, etc) so it doesn't really do justice to the true scariness we first found! But, check out that sad linoleum floor (yea, it's actual flooring looking that bad).
Despite our best cleaning efforts, the closet still smelled like cat pee. This is obviously where the previous owners kept the litter box for their 2 cats. As I started sniffing it out (admittedly gross, but hey, you have to investigate these things) I wasn't surprised to find the smell engrained in the flooring. So our super quick closet cleaning turned into a weekend project!!!
Before tackling the closet, I thought I would document some of the DIY brilliance (please detect major sarcasm here) we have found in various areas of our little house. For instance the shelves:
Obviously constructed with materials on-hand, which I'm totally cool with. But really, do you need that many screws on the makeshift brackets? And what you can't see is that the shelf is 2 piece of scrap wood being held together underneath with a metal light switch plate?
Next, check out this antique paneling, with the collection of nails randomly sticking out:
And honestly, I don't even want to think about what would make those stains on the walls!\
Here is a picture, post shelf removal and linoleum removal. That old glue from the flooring was a pain to get off!!
We used a planer, orbital sander, and chiseled the corners. Look, there's wood underneath!!!
And here is the same closet that night after affordable stick-on tiling!!!

My poor hubby asked me what I thought and I said something along the lines of...the floor looks AWESOME, and now the walls REALLY look crappy, LOL! Another project for another day.

We also got a new door for the closet, but I'm in the process of repainting the doorframe, so it's not hung yet. The walls here will have to wait a while...not high on the priority list. Next on our project list is to start our bathroom redo. We bought the hardware we needed at Lowe's this weekend, so hopefully we'll get started on that soon!


Kim said...

I looks awesome. What a difference.

Heather said...

Looking good. That is a little gross about the cat stuff though. Can't wait to see everything finished.

Abby said...

Looks great! Too bad that paneling is stained, it looks like it was nice when it was new!

Lulu said...

looking nice..
Hope youre having a nice weekend..