Thursday, February 7, 2008

Almost the weekend, WooHoo!

Boy, this week is flying by!! I've been working on my Gryffindor scarf the last few nights. (Pattern from I actually started this a week or so ago, but got about 10 inches in and ended up frogging it. My gauge was off ::hangs head in momentary shame:: My 9 inch wide scarf was coming out at 12 inches wide, YIKES! So first I calculated how much more yarn it would take to finish the gigantor-scarf, then I promptly and happily tore it up, balled the yarn, and restarted. I recalculated the stitch number based on my actual gauge and I've managed to fix it, ah-ha-ha!! Now my scarf is right at 9 inches! and I am past the first set of stripes. Here is what it looks like at this very moment:

Also, here's a few pics of my knitting 'toolbox.' I'm so proud of this bag because I got it for a steal and I LOVE a bargain!! It's too large to carry around everyday, but it's GREAT at being a portable workstation in the house.

Outside View: You can tell the bag is in use by the adjacent ivory satin slipper, leftover from my wedding reception, that goes oh so beautifully with the plaid flannels I'm sporting at the moment. Obviously, my husband married me for my snazzy style :)


YAY for organization ::wipes proud happy tear::

Now, time for my evening coffee dearies! And my needles are calling!!


PinkAdele said...

Alroight me matey! (Pirate impression, dunno why! Been stuck in a post office queue and it's made me a little crazy!)I do love you bag it's so organised, mine isn't quite so useful but I'm a burgundy freak and a knit bag in my fav colour just had to be bought. I know what yo mean about a bargain, I bought a top from Peacocks for ₤1.80 and now I can't stop wearing it! (I may have mentioned this on my blog now I think of it... I think I'm getting old :-s)Thanks for the comment, I'm going to be putting up a new blog about my new Knit cub (the RCM's "Do it like Grandma") and I've just been addded to Ravely which I'm going to surf around now. Loving the Harry Potter scarf, is that for yourself? Adele xxxx

KnittyKat said...

Hi, I love your knitting kit! I currently have mine strewn across the house so not as organised as you.

I'm about half way through one side of the bag and it is becoming quite addictive. I hope you get onto Ravelry soon, although that is very addictive!