Sunday, February 10, 2008

BOO for imminent Monday!

Man, this weekend has flown by and I don't want Monday to be here. So, I'll remain in denial until my alarm goes off in the morning, hehe.

So, I had a big weekend!! First, here's the update on the HP scarf. It's a little bit longer and has another set of stripes:

But, what the heck is this??!

For whatever reason my stripes are not lining up quite right. It looks like the rows above and below are lining up right, so I'm probably just doing something ignorant. If anyone knows what said ignorant thing is, please let me know!! Anyways, I'm plowing forward on it because this is where the join is and the tube scarf will fold so I don't think it will be super noticable. Hopefully I'll figure it out before I get to the next set of stripes.

Second, I started another porject, SHAME SHAME I know but I couldn't help it. It's the knitting needle knitting bag by Pam Allen ( I've never done the berry stitch, so that was interesting to try and wasn't too bad once I got the hang of it. Here's where I'm at:

This will be the back side and as you can see I'm working on the first strap (wanted to get the full effect!). Also, instead of knitting needles at the top I just got wooden dowels in the same diameter. I probably won't get to really work on this anymore until next weekend, so it will take me a few more weeks to finish it.
And lastly, I finally got my Ravelry invite. So I'm heading there to play around a little before signing off!! Happy knitting everyone!


KnittyKat said...

Your bag looks great. I have finished and sewn up the body of the bag so now have to do the handles and have a go at lining it. I want to make loads of them now in different colours and sizes!

KnittyKat said...

My sewing isn't up to much either, and I bought quite expensive fabric so was really nervous of messing it up.

I lined it after I'd made the bag up and attatched the handles. I turned the bag inside out and then folded my fabric around the bag with the right sides facing in and pinned it in place. Then I sewed it all together to make a "pouch" that I put inside the bag and sewed the top hems to the bag. (I hope that makes sense!) It wasn't as difficult as I thought, and it doesn't matter if it's not too neat because you don't really see the stitches. A removable lining sounds a great idea, maybe I'll try that on my next one.

PinkAdele said...

I've been thinking about your scarf, is it in the round? If so then that's why they don't match cos the round is in fact a spiral. Does that help? I live the ring idea, I was using cotton but it kept unknotting! I'm not working on much at the mo of much interest, just a dish cloth to practise guage reading. How are you? Adele xxxxx