Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fire and Ice Pillow

This week I finished the Fire and Ice Pillow test-crochet for the TKB group on Ravelry. I was testing the pattern, which was great! It was very simple and I ended up with a very huggable pillow!

The pattern is inspired by Bella's two "loves" in the Twilight series.
Jacob, who is a werewolf, so here's a fuzzy brown side:
And Edward, who is a sparkly vampire, so his side has a diamond pattern and, though you can't tell, it's made with a sparkly white yarn:

Side View:


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...


Stephanie said...

how perfect! love it

Delly said...

That's looks soooo huggable and what a great idea! Glad to see you're making time for craftyness. I priomise a new blog will be up this week! Hope you are well lovely! xxxx

Heather said...

I like. Maybe I should learn how to knit.