Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another week down, which puts me only 2 weeks from our BIG move! I have been a busy girl this weekend with packing and organizing, but I managed to start a quick project for when I need a break.

A friend of mine is expecting a baby boy in August, so I decided it was time to try my first pair of baby booties. I am using Red Heart's Luster Sheen in Ocean, here is a pic:

I was worried it might have too much of a purple tone to it, but it was the only color combo without pink I could find that could work for a baby. I think it is coming out greaat! Here is the first booty. I still have to sew seams and add laces.

I am pretty sure I'll get this finished before we leave. But I still have work full-time and lots of packing to do. See? Here's a pic of my living room at the moment, YIKES!

I see lots of coffee and sleepless nights in my future!


Lauren said...

kellie it's soo teeny and cute!!

PinkAdele said...

Hey Kellie
I hope the move is going well. I lo
ve your pretty scarf! I'm moving in with my Mr in July/August so if you have any tips for moving that'd be great. Oooooo booties soooo cute. Be careful with the coffee. alternate with tea (and have tea black without sugar for a pick me up and quick detox!)
Pinkadele xxxxx