Monday, May 12, 2008

Major changes!

OK, so I promised a BIG update and here it is! I haven't been around much lately because I have been SO SO SO BUSY!! Here is all the big news:

1-I've accepted a job at Children's Hospital in Boston and start in mid-June! YAY! I am moving to Boston in 3 weeks!! This has been huge as we plan for a move from the Mississippi coast to WAY north! I've managed to get us an apartment, all the utilities are set up, and we have a moving truck reserved. Every spare moment is now spent packing, cleaning, etc.

2-My husband graduated Friday with his Ph.D.!! Here is the only picture I got of him. I will need to get more from the family!

3-much less major, I cut my hair short! It is so much easier now.....

Amidst all this I have been furiously knitting on my Phiaro scarf, determined to finish it before the move. I just finished it tonight!! I made a few modifications:
-used cotton yarn
-went 16inches wide instead of 22inches because I wanted it to be more of a scarf and less of a wrap
-I screwed up the fringe and had to cut it. Think about when you were 12 and decided to cut your bangs...but they weren't even, so you had to cut a little more. That was me with the fringe. It is SHORT!! It would look better long, but I'm OK with it.
-instead of braiding the fringe (that would have taken me another month!) I slide on beads up to the stiches and tied a knot. Then I just let the fringe dangle, as all fringe should.

I love it and consider it my first big successful project!! I really wanted it to be done for the move because it is still chilly in Boston at night and this will be a perfect "summer scarf."

Now I am going to bed (don't I look tired in the pictures?!).


Emily Ann said...

Your hair looks superfantastic! I love it!

The scarf is pretty awesome too! Maybe I'll send my sis to your knitting blog and she can make me one for Christmas. :-)

Stephanie said...

congrats to your hubby
love the hair
your scarf is realllly cute!