Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yep, yesterday was my big 3-Oh!! My best friend called and asked how it felt to be 30. My reply: GREAT!! I'm happy and healthy, how could I ask for more?!

So, it was a busy week, highlighted by my work treating me out to lunch for my B-day. I had a personal pizza and cannoli for dessert (YUM!). I got the cutest card ever and a bag of chocolates!! It was fab!!
I am missing my hubby, who is out on an adventure! He is a crewman on the Friendship replica tradeship and sailed to New Hampshire for a tall ships festival this weekend. Then they are sailing to Maine for the week. I know he is having a blast!! He has our digital camera, so I am not able to show you my latest FO, the Crochet Toque. I <3 it!! I made it with the same yarn as my wristwarmers from last week. Now I just need a scarf and I have a whole set!!

That is the only yarn work I really got to do this week. I've been spending a lot of time reading. I'm hooked on the Twilight series. I read the first 3 books last spring, but decided to re-read them before reading the last and final book, which just came out a few weeks ago. I am delighted to say that the books are just as enjoyable (and addictive) the second time around! I'm sure they will continue to distract me from my knitting/crocheting for another week or so.


Stephanie said...

happy (belated) birthday kellie :):):)

i'm reading twilight right now...only a couple chapters in but SO good.