Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend update!

Time for another update!! And, no I haven't finished the sweater. I know, I know, but it's almost finished, really! I am totally finished with one sleeve and started the second sleeve. It really was more challenging than I thought it would be to finish off the sleeve. Knitting in the round with DPNs wasn't so bad until I got to the seed stitch edge. I ended up ripping out the cuff several times before I got it right.

Anyway, it is not finished for 2 reasons.

1-the poison ivy. SO miserable!! I didn't get to knit or crochet for over a week and I was seriously going nuts!!

2-During the poison ivy non-knitting week, I found out about my cousin's baby shower in 2 weeks! So, I'm working on a quick baby blankie. I'm doing crochet because I thought that would go faster. I'm basically just making a big granny square and I'm going to put a scalloped border around it. Here is how it looks:

(it looks wonky in the pic because I didn't really pull it out straight, so it's kinda crooked)

In non-yarn related news, this weekend my hubbie and I went to the Salem Maritime Festival. It was so cool!! The star of the show was the Friendship and my husband is on the volunteer crew!

He had a blast working on the boat and even went 'aloft' (for the non-sailors, that means he climbed the mast and worked on one of the sails) for a demonstration. But, was Kellie around to capture that Kodak moment, NNnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo!! Where was I?? Being amazed in the craft booths of course!! I saw lots of great stuff, but this stole the show: bobbin thread lace.

This is nuts! And I thought I really practiced patience with my knitting and crocheting! There is no way I could do this.

So that's been the last week or so in a nutshell. My poison ivy is finally just about gone, whew. And I've made a few shopping trips to buy yarn for upcoming projects!! Now, I'm looking forward to next Saturday when some friends are coming over for our first knitting gettogether!