Saturday, August 9, 2008

My first handwarmers!!

First, this is why everyone should come hang out at my place:

Pasta salad and snack tray

Virgin (non-alcoholic) fruit spritzer, YUM

Carrot Cake!!

Why all the yum-yums? My local friends from the knot came over to discuss knitty things!! We didn't actually start any projects at this first group meeting, but we did have a big discussion on knitting vs. crochet and which one is really easier to learn first. I learned to knit first and was totally confused by crochet when I first tried it. But this most recent time around, it was much easier to pick up (thanks to all those master knitter/crocheters who put how-to videos on youtube!). I can definitely see why so many people say that crochetting is easier, but I didn't find knitting to be all that difficult to learn. It just required a little practiced coordination and patience.

So, on the project front. Here is an update on everything currently on the needles/hooks:

1-HP Prisoner of Azkaban scarf - sadly untouched for quite some time, but to be picked up again soon so I can finish it before the next movie comes out

2-Cavern cardi - also untouched since my last post, but oh so close to done. As soon as I finish this dang baby blanket

3-Baby Blanket - Going great!! I do need to finish up quite soon, but it's coming along nicely

4-Bunny rabbit - Decided to make my first toy to match the baby blanket. So far I have the body and head done

And, just started and finished this week.........
my first handwarmers!!

Watching Serendipity:

This was also my first 'public' crafting experience. I crocheted these in two days during my train commute. I think crocheting on the go is much easier to handle than knitting on the go would be. I did get lots of 'looks' but they were mostly from women who looked curious to see what I was making and how. At first it felt weird, but then I decided I didn't mind so much because if I saw someone making something, I would be curious too! Overall, I can see where this could become a habit!!


Kim & Ryan said...

I so wish I lived close to you and I would have loved to be a part of your knitting group.....((jealous))

And, I want some of the cake..... seriously.

Jill said...

I too am sooo mad I don't live by you! I would love to be in your group. Do you have a pattern for those handwarmers. I would wear those all the time around the house in the winter b/c I'm always freezing. With those you can still type, etc. I'm not so sure I'd be able to follow a patter since the only time I've done it I had an awesome crocheter there to help me but I'm willing to give it a try!

PinkAdele said...

Thos handwarmers are soooo good that they make me want to start crocheting! I've got to learn how!Can't wait to see pics of completed baby blanket and toy! BTW do you wanna swap some carrot cake for some of my brother's birthday cake lol! xxx

boston7812 said...

It was a blast on Saturday. Thanks for hosting Kellie. And that hummus was the best I have ever had (need to get me some of that). And the carrot cake was yummy :)