Friday, August 22, 2008

Hat & Baby Fish!!

YAY! I got my camera back and here's the hat I made last week!!

(The goofy smile is because I was watching Chapelle show reruns!)

I love the hat, I think it will be really cute for the fall.

So, I'm still reading but on the 4th and final book of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I'm sure I'll finish it over the weekend. I really have no weekend plans except to go to the grocery and for a haircut.

So, nothing too exciting to report, EXCEPT............babies!!

I came home yesterday to find that my pregnant guppy finally had her babies! I've been watching her for weeks! I was so excited, I really hope a few survive. I counted 10 but they're so tiny, there may be a few more.


Delly said...

YAY BABY FISH!! That's soooo cute! Btw I wanna see a picture with the hat and wrist warmers together! Wish I could pop over for some of that carrot cake lol! Sorry about being so silent recently. I'm currently moving to a new flat at the mo so even though I'm knitting, computer usage is almost non existant

Anonymous said...

Love your hat! I'm using that same yarn to make a baby blanket. The colors are pretty.