Friday, May 23, 2008

Helping a friend

First off: One of my dear friends is in an on-line "spring break moment" contest for a $500 scholarship. She has entered the picture of her husband proposing to her!! Down on one knee, on the Grand Canal in Venice!! It's so sweet! Please take a moment to vote for her and give her a 5-star ranking! Thanks!!

Second: no time for bootie knitting! Packing is INSANE and taking all my time at the moment. I guess I'm taking a knitting 'break' until after the move. I am packing the bootie in my 'moving tote' bag so maybe I can work on it at night in the hotel room during our big drive next week.

That is pretty much all there is to post. ONE WEEK TO GO UNTIL THE MOVE!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another week down, which puts me only 2 weeks from our BIG move! I have been a busy girl this weekend with packing and organizing, but I managed to start a quick project for when I need a break.

A friend of mine is expecting a baby boy in August, so I decided it was time to try my first pair of baby booties. I am using Red Heart's Luster Sheen in Ocean, here is a pic:

I was worried it might have too much of a purple tone to it, but it was the only color combo without pink I could find that could work for a baby. I think it is coming out greaat! Here is the first booty. I still have to sew seams and add laces.

I am pretty sure I'll get this finished before we leave. But I still have work full-time and lots of packing to do. See? Here's a pic of my living room at the moment, YIKES!

I see lots of coffee and sleepless nights in my future!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Major changes!

OK, so I promised a BIG update and here it is! I haven't been around much lately because I have been SO SO SO BUSY!! Here is all the big news:

1-I've accepted a job at Children's Hospital in Boston and start in mid-June! YAY! I am moving to Boston in 3 weeks!! This has been huge as we plan for a move from the Mississippi coast to WAY north! I've managed to get us an apartment, all the utilities are set up, and we have a moving truck reserved. Every spare moment is now spent packing, cleaning, etc.

2-My husband graduated Friday with his Ph.D.!! Here is the only picture I got of him. I will need to get more from the family!

3-much less major, I cut my hair short! It is so much easier now.....

Amidst all this I have been furiously knitting on my Phiaro scarf, determined to finish it before the move. I just finished it tonight!! I made a few modifications:
-used cotton yarn
-went 16inches wide instead of 22inches because I wanted it to be more of a scarf and less of a wrap
-I screwed up the fringe and had to cut it. Think about when you were 12 and decided to cut your bangs...but they weren't even, so you had to cut a little more. That was me with the fringe. It is SHORT!! It would look better long, but I'm OK with it.
-instead of braiding the fringe (that would have taken me another month!) I slide on beads up to the stiches and tied a knot. Then I just let the fringe dangle, as all fringe should.

I love it and consider it my first big successful project!! I really wanted it to be done for the move because it is still chilly in Boston at night and this will be a perfect "summer scarf."

Now I am going to bed (don't I look tired in the pictures?!).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

7 Random things!!

I have been tagged by a fellow blogger and have to post 7 random things about myself. Here goes:

1-I'm a bad blogger :( I haven't posted in a LONG time because I have been so insanely busy!!

2-I have a 'dolphin-fly' tattoo. I couldn't decide between a dolphin and a butterfly so I have a dolphin with a cool filagree design in the shape of butterfly wings around it. No one has every seen anything like it, LOL! Funniest part, it was a Christmas present from my parents and my Dad brought me to get it. Talk about father-daughter bonding.

3-OK, this is kinda gross. I have bumps on my head. They think they are calcium deposits, but can't be sure without biopsies. My hair mostly covers them so it's not a big deal, never got them removed. But I do have to get a CT scan done every year to make sure they are not changing or anything. When I first met my current neurosurgeon, he saw the MRI and said, "WOW, that's an impressive deformity!" Um, thanks...............

4-I used to seriously kick booty at karate. I studied Shotokan and would LOVE to do it again. Absolutely the best work-out/stress relief ever!!!

5-I work with a guy who doesn't wear deodorant and smells. Again, gross, but I have to deal with it everyday and he just walked by, so there you have it.

6-I have a Ph.D. in molecular genetics. Yep, that makes me "Dr. Kelliebelle." I'm in the lab and should be working, but I'm waiting for the agarose for my DNA gels to cool down, so I have a few minutes. Then I have to go get on the microscope and shot yeast cells with laser beams, YES!! This is how I check my email during the day, between experiments.

7-I am a sentimental packrat. I just threw out the letters from my penpals when I was 8. I think it's sad that with the internet, kids don't have penpals anymore and don't get the thrill of receiving international mail. I'm a nerd, I thought it was the BEST!

OK, there you have it!! Random stuff about me! Now back to work. A knitting update will follow soon....