Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blog Revamp....

I'm consolidating....simplifying...whatever you want to call it. I love projects, I'm a self-proclaimed project-o-holic. I started a 2nd blog for a reading group I'm participating in (yep, there's a new project for you), but, let's be real. I have a hard time keeping up with one blog, myspace and facebook. Why on earth did I think a 2nd blog was a good idea?! So I'm revamping 'KellieBelle Knits' to the new KellieBelle Karma. The address will stay the same, but the new title reflects my state of life should be simple, uncomplicated, then maybe I can keep up with it. Of course I'll still have lots of knitting news (let's hope!), but also book updates, cooking, other crafting, etc. It should be exciting!


Kim & Ryan said...

I love your new design.... I didn't even know you had another blog. I was only following this one.... =) Now, I get to know everything Kellie-related in one convenient location.=)

I find having one blog is wonderful - although a little schizophrenic at times... craft, house, school, marriage. Oh well.. that's me. =)