Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book #7

So...I joined a reading group of the goal of reading "52 Books in 52 Weeks." Now, I may eat these words later, but I don't think this will be a big deal for me. I read everyday during my commute to work, so that's 1-1.5 hours reading time automatically built into my day! So, I just finished Book #7, Hot Stuff!

WARNING! I like to post the cover of the books I write about. It kinda helps me keep it all straight because I'm a very visual person. So, be forewarned, if you Google Image search for 'hot stuff'.......well, you're going to see some......interesting stuff. Lesson learned, include the author name in the search.

So this was a super quick read and was a fun little book. I want to bump into "Mr. Yummy" myself (read and you'll find out why!). And while I want a puppy SO badly, I don't think I want a 'Beast!'


Kim & Ryan said...

lol at googling hot stuff

I love goodreads for keeping track of the books I've read. But, I have the worst memory and forget tons of details about the books anyhow!

C~~O~~U~~R~~T~~N~~E~~Y said...

It's not on your goodreads!

KellieBelle said...

ugh, so caught. I haven't updated goodreads in a long time. I'll add it to the to do list.

Kathy S said...

If you have read other Janet Evanovich books, you must. The Stephanie Plum series has some really good ones. After those books you'll have to decide if you are a cupcake or a babe.