Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book 9

Another one bites the dust!

A super quick and fun read!! Book 9 was:
What a great story about a cancer survivor who opens her own yarn shop in an effort to 'reaffirm' her life and do something she loves. The story revolves around her, her relationship with her sister, and her growing friendship with the 3 women who join her knitting class. All the women are wildly different, but become friends anyway.
I love reading. I love knitting. It's not a big surprise that I love this heartwarming book.
I also love that the author has her own website including an online knitting club. COOL!


Abby said...

Talk Before Sleep is a good one. It's also about cancer (although not as happy as this one, I think). I saw you had The 5 People You Meet In Heaven on your list and I highly reccomend that one as well. =)

Unknown said...

oh i might have to read that one, its hard finding really cute yarny knitting books! will go see if my library has it!