Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!
I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I'm from the Deep South and grew up in the New Orleans area. So, even though I'm in Beantown now, I think today should be a holiday! Mardi gras is best spent with friend, family, a good drink, and lots of good food! Combine all that with a lawn chair on a parade route, and WOW, what a great time you can have!!

But alas, in New England today is just another day. Fortunately my in-laws surprised my husband and I was a surprise delivery of a King Cake from Diane Randazzo's bakery which is located in my hometown!! Combined with a cup (or two, but who's counting?) of my New Orleans blend coffee and chickory, I'm a happy girl. Really stuffed from eating WAY too much King Cake, but happy :)

it is timely I guess that I debut my completed LSU colored snuggle blanket for my cousin's baby shower. We now know this baby will be a girl, so I'm thinking of making a cute bonnet and/or booties in the purple and gold also. She will be decked out on gamedays!!

As, a special note for Abby, thank you for the new obsession. I'm on page 599, I want a tattoo of my own design inspired by Phedre's marque, and I 'in love' with Joscelin, in a way that I have not appreciated pale skin and pure blondie hair since......hmmm................


C~~O~~U~~R~~T~~N~~E~~Y said...

That looks SO GOOD, Kel!

KnitWit said...

Love the blanket (Well, except for the colors! ;-]).

My boyfriend hates when I read these books, because I don't pay attention to him at all... hehe.

You'll be happy to know the next 2 books in the series are readily avaiable (And just as good!).

PinkAdele said...

Kellie your blog has gone up to my favourite blog to read! WEll done on the books, that is so amazing (<-like my American spelling there :-D lol)!

I will have a glass of wine to celebrate the day even though I've never heard of it (any excuse to party)!!!

Glad to see some knitting up there! I'll be updating my blog soon with some cool things (first socks YAY!)


KellieBelle said...

Thanks for the bloggy love Adele! I have yet to try socks, but have a stash of sock yarn calling my name!! Soon sock yarn, soon.....