Monday, February 16, 2009

Help me resist!

This is all about convincing myself....I don't need more yarn. I may want more yarn, but I don't need it. And when the Phat Fiber sample box of the month goes on sale in 6 minutes, I don't need any of those bunches of samples of luxury yarns, hand lotion, patterns, etc for $33 (including shipping!). And I certainly don't need the batts of roving since I don't spin....though I'd love to try spinning. But with a new house and move so near in my future who has the time. There will be other months with awesome sample boxes. I don't need to order this one. Besides I ordered yummy bamboo yarn on Ebay yesterday so that is my splurge of the week. If I type for 5 more minutes, the sale will be on and well on its way to over.
My new commuter bag came in today. It's awesome! I put all my stuff in it and there's still so much room. I think I'm in love with it!! That was another splurge, although one that was very much needed. Unlike the yarn, which I don't need. Cause I have lots of yarn.
Ok, 2 more minutes. I mean, I can watch right? Just cuz I watch the Etsy shop, doesn't mean I'm going to buy anything. It's like window shopping. I'm good at that.

I think the crisis has been averted. I have talked myself out of it. I'll look, but no buying. I already have yummy yarn waiting to become beautiful things. I'm good. Thanks for listening.


KnitWit said...

The Medusa alpaca/tussah silk yarn she has is gorgeous!

Er.. you have plenty of very good yarn waiting to be used! (Me too)

Emily said...

Oh I am sooo bad at resisting! Yarn is my only real addiction. Ok, well that isn't exactly true. Yarn. And books. And wine. And coffee. I'll stop there :)

PinkAdele said...

Yeh yeh I bet you went and spent all your money!