Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caffeine Addicts V-day swap!!

So, on Ravelery and the Knot/Nest and other such groups we occasionally do gift swaps. It's all about the joy of giving and the surprise of receiving a thoughtful gift and making new friends. I love swapping because I learn something new or discover new obsessions everytime. Well this swap is no let down! The Caffeine Addicts group on Ravelry did a Valentine's themed swap. After filling out a brief survey our names got thrown in a hat and randomly distributed. The secret of not knowing who has your name is half the fun! Well my surprise gift arrived last night and I wasted no time digging in to discover the goodies! And let me just say, my swapper did such a great job putting together this package for me and included little notes with everything!! Here is a run down of the goodies:

  • the coffee: well, can't have a caffeine swap without the coffee! I received some illy espresso coffe and some Caribou Decaf blend (because my sneaky swapper noticed in another post that I've been looking for a 'good' decaf. Due to health issues, I'm supposed to limit my caffeine intake)
  • Chocolate: awesome good dark chocolate. One bar is half gone....in fact I'm munching on it now and it's SO GOOD! I love that for V-day the wrappers have a love poem printed inside them, so cute.
  • Yarn: sigh, oh the soft squishiness. I got a skein of hand-dyed Plymouth Baby Alpaca in a gorgeus colorway, full of jeweltones! My partner also spied on Ravelry that I have not yet attempted a lace project, but want to really badly, so she sent me a hank of Malabrigo lace weight in Holly Hock, a gorgeus purple! I love it! My first Malabrigo!! I have the yarn sitting on my desk while I peruse patterns online looking for 'the one' for each yarn, then I pet the yarn, then I hold it to my cheek. We're bonding, this yarn and I. Yea, my husband thinks I'm nuts, but the yarn-o-holics out there understand.
  • Kushiel's Dart: YAY for a new book! This will definitely be on my reading list for my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. It's a fantasy novel, so it's right up my alley!
  • Apple body cream and Vanilla lip balm: Yum, no further explanation needed.

Thank you SO MUCH to my swap partner! You're the best! I absolutely love everything :) and if this really is a package of all your favorite things....well we're bound to be great friends!


Abby said...

I'm so glad you like everything! I'm smiling really big. =)

Have fun picking out the perfect projects!!

P.S. You might want to take a look at Laminaria and Ishbel, if you're looking at triangular shawls. ;-)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...


I tagged you at my blog. =)

Abby said...

Also, you know the card has a magnet on the front, right? =)

KellieBelle said...

Oh yes, Love the Monkey Magnet!!

Jess said...

Oh gosh, I love that chocolate. It's good, isn't it?

I might have to sign up for a swap sometime. They look like fun!