Monday, February 9, 2009

Book #8

Wow, now this was a COOL book! What an unexpected find. I got this book on a whim one night in Barnes and Noble as my hubby was adding to his Terry Pratchett collection. I was perusing the fantasy books and picked this one up. It's another of my favorite type that combines a little fantasy and a little romance to give you a great novel. However, this one was quite unexpected because it actually has some great historical references too! The basic synopsis is that two Guardians (basically a Scottish witch and a mage of varied descent) have intertwined destinies that revolve around their role in abolition. That's where the historical part comes in. They time travel, combining their magical powers with those of others to protect those involved in the anti-slavery movement in London during critical times of abolition. Many of the people they encounter along the way are historical figures, so I was definitely exposed to some aspects of history that I hadn't known of. I think this is FABULOUS!! Maybe it's because I'm a scientist and between 4 years of college and 6 years of grad school....I had 10 long years of serious reading. Now I hate to read anything serious. So, not to look anti-intellectual (yea, I just made up that word) or anything, but I will grab a smutty romance or a fantasy novel light years before I'll grab a biography or historical account. Sorry, just the way I am.

But this little beauty brought me some education while entertaining me, I like it!


PinkAdele said...

oooooo that's looks like a good read. Btw in london, the IKnit book club is coming up and the book is Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and it looks great! I recommend it xxx